VR Flying Game

JetPack VR

Cloud Landscape

C4D and Octane

Rainy Window Shader

HLSL/Cg Shader in Unity

VR Shooting Game

Pop Shot

Plastic Wrapped Text

C4D, Planes and Cloth

Hair Dynamics

C4D, Hair, Cloner, and Materials

Twisting Metal

C4D, Extrude and Twist Deformer

Dynamic Objects Effect

Cloner, Formula, and Rigid Body

Force Field Shader

HLSL/Cg Shader in Unity

Beautiful Hair Animation

HLSL/Cg Shader in Unity

Custom Shaders in a 3D Environment

Shader Showcase

A Presentation HTML5 Rich Media featuring DoubleClick, Sizmek, Celtra

HTML5 Rich Media

VR Zombie Survival style game

Zombie Shooter

A Movie App - Redux React JS & Redux JS with external movies data API OMDB

Movie App

A simple Angular application that features an editable todo list.

Angular App

A blog project thats demonstrates proficiency with PHP & MySQL

PHP Blog

A single-page Todo application built using ReactJS.

React ToDo App

My GitHub page where you can find a variety of my code samples.

My GitHub Page